New SKS roller concept adapted to the popular anatomic pocket racing tool. Precise side and base angle beveling. Adjustable from 85° to 90° in 1/2° increments.

Uses 70mm files.

Instructions for using the 3016 SPEED COMPACT

The Speed Compact Edge Beveler is delivered with the file in the vertical position “A” to sharpen or bevel the side edge of your skis or snowboard. Always position the tool on the the base so that the roller “B” is rolling on the base and the file runs along the side edge “C”.

The position of the file in the tool determines whether you file the side edge or the base edge. Using the screw driver provided, remove the file from the vertical positon and place the file in the horizontal position “D” to tune the base edges. Set the angle by setting the black dial “E” to the molded arrow “F” on the side of the tool that would lie adjacent to the base when using the tool. There is a molded arrow on each side of the tool. Be sure to pull the tool only in the working direction as indicated by the arrow on the file


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